Kelly Dodd: Harry Hamlin ‘Next’ After Todd Chrisley’s Alleged Gay Affair Exposed [Photos]

Last week a court heard that Todd Chrisley had a gay affair with his business partner who helped him commit fraud before tipping off cops after their romance went sour.

via: Page Six

Kelly Dodd joked Harry Hamlin is “next” after Todd Chrisley’s alleged gay affair was revealed during the reality star’s recent federal fraud trial.

Page Six covered the claims made by Chrisley’s former business partner, Mark Braddock, who testified last week that he and the “Chrisley Knows Best” star were intimate for about a year in the early 2000s and paid off a blackmailer to keep the alleged affair a secret.

In the comments section of an Instagram reel of our report, Dodd, 46, wrote this past weekend, “Harry Hamlin is next ?,” implying the “Clash of the Titans” star is in the closet.

Then on Monday, speculation about Hamlin’s sexual orientation surfaced again after his wife, Lisa Rinna, got into an online feud with a man named Patrick Somers.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, 58, posted Somers’ phone number on her Instagram Stories after he allegedly threatened to “expose” her, and then he retaliated by doing the same.

Rinna joked that it was a “bonus getting to talk to so many nice people today since that guy posted my number thanks so much ! ! ! Love you guys so much ! ! ! #SilverLining.”

However, Somers bit back, “@lisarinna not you leaking my number first and then trying to change the narrative you hunchback.”

In a jab at Hamlin, 70, the man added, “You need to go worry about YOUR husband and YOUR finances and who he’s spending his time with because his wife is too busy running her overfilled mouth. Beverly Hills talks… and we all know” alongside a rainbow emoji.

It is unclear why Rinna and Somers began feuding in the first place, but the man claimed on his Instagram Stories it had to do with the fact that “Production has started on a series called ‘real husbands of sunset’ and the series is set to compete with the real housewives and features an all male cast . . . . (me being a member).”

There is no official report that states this alleged series is in the works.

Meanwhile, reps for Rinna and Hamlin did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment about Dodd and Somers’ remarks.

However, the “RHOBH” star appeared to support her husband on Instagram Tuesday, posting a headshot of him and captioning it, “???? HARRY F–KING HAMLIN.”

She also previously laughed off rumors about Hamlin’s sexual orientation in the past.

In October 2021, Rinna wrote on her Instagram Stories, “Recently read [Hamlin] allegedly beats his women, and also suspected he is gay/woman hater,” before adding, “Oh damn he’s freaking busy.”

She also quipped once on Instagram alongside Hamlin’s 1987 “Sexiest Man Alive” People cover, “#fbf Appreciation Post To my very busy Husband who apparently doesn’t live with us, is having a lot of affairs, and is gay. Go Harry Fu*king Hamlin ?????”

Hamlin and Rinna have been married since 1997. They share two daughters: Delilah Belle, 23, and Amelia Gray, 20.

In March 2022, Hamlin opened up about his sex life in a candid chat with Andy Cohen published by Interview Magazine.

“I’ve been extremely fortunate. I’ve had wonderful relationships with a lot of very beautiful women,” the “LA Law” alum said.

“Well, not a lot. I’ve been married to pretty much everybody I’ve made love to. I can count the number of women I’ve been with on my two hands.”

He also added that he has never taken “the blue pill” in order to get it on, but is still able to have “great sex” with Rinna after 25 years of marriage.

A mess.

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