Kelly Clarkson Celebrates Big Win In Divorce Case On Set Of ‘The Voice

A judge has fully upheld Kelly Clarkson’s prenuptial agreement with Brandon Blackstock in their highly contentious divorce.

via: The Blast

The talk show host and judge reportedly got the news her prenuptial agreement was upheld by the judge in her ongoing divorce. This is a big deal…considering millions of dollars were on the line, and Kelly was fighting for property and money she had earned before she was married to Brandon Blackstock.

According to one report, ‘The Voice’ judge let out “a scream” after learning of the big win in court. Sources on the set say Clarkson was filming the television show when she got an email saying the contested prenup was upheld in full by the judge. As we said, this is big considering it laid out all the separate assets and income before AND during the marriage. In other words, everything she earned is HERS from the entire time.

So, ya, a scream seemed appropriate.

As you can imagine, Kelly has accumulated a large church of the couple’s assets, including their Montana ranch where Brandon is currently living. As we reported, Brandon was contesting the validity of the prenuptial agreement and was asking for everything including all the properties to be split in half. On Wednesday, a judge disagreed and ordered the document a valid contract.

Apparently, the celebration on the set of ‘The Voice’ got a big personal after the judges joined in on the celebration. Interestingly, Blake Shelton had recently terminated his relationship with Blackstock, who had managed him for many years. The other judges including Ariana Grande participated in the celebration with Clarkson.

The word is Clarkson’s lawyer was in a Los Angeles County Court arguing during a trial on the prenuptial agreement that there had to be some accountability when someone like Blackstock signs a contract. Obviously, the judge agreed. At this point, the divorce itself has been bifurcated, which means the actual marriage is over except for the separation of their property and settling of the amount of child support. Kelly has been temporarily awarded primary custody of the children after Brandon moved to Montana.

Kelly still likely have to pay child support, which will cost her $50,000 per month. That’s chump change for Clarkson, who earns $1.5 million per month, court documents revealed.

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