Katt Williams Arrested for Holding His Bodyguard Hostage [Photo]


Katt Williams has been arrested again…this time for allegedly holding his bodyguard hostage.

via WSB:

Police said they arrested Williams at his home Tuesday in Hall County, which is just northeast of Atlanta.

Police said Williams “and several of his associates did confine Corey Dixon (a bodyguard to Williams) after he did not engage in criminal activity as directed by Williams” on Feb 28.

Williams was also arrested on Feb. 29 for allegedly assaulting a clerk at a pool supply store.

Dixon was allegedly taken to Williams’ house where police said he was assaulted with a bat and choked by 24-year-old Tatiana Smith.

Police said Dixon was also threatened by Williams during the incident, with the comedian allegedly threatening to kill Dixon.

Police said they executed a search warrant on Williams’ house Tuesday and found marijuana and guns in the home. After finding the items, police said Williams, Tatiana Smith, and another woman in the home, Lena Smith, were taken to the Hall County Jail, where they remain without bond.

Williams was charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, false imprisonment and additional drug and weapons charges. 

Tatiana Smith was charged with aggravated assault, possession of marijuana and possession of Alprazolam.

He needs some help, Jesus.

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