Kanye West Storms Off Stage in Tampa After Yelling at Tech for Sound & Light Issues


It’s not unlike Kanye West to demand perfection, but fans at the Yeezus tour in Tampa got to witness firsthand what happens when ‘Ye doesn’t get his way.

According to a report from the Tampa Tribune:

Just a few seconds into his third song, West demanded the music be stopped as he stormed off to the back of the stage. The lighting scheme wasn’t right, and those offending lights were to be turned off, “now,” he said, along with some harsher language for his technical crew that can’t be repeated here.

Sources in the audience say that he also complained about that his likeness on the massive LED screen projecting his image was in color when it was supposed be monochrome.

It’s not all bad, however. Aside from the technical issues and Kanye’s tantrum, the Yeezus tour stop in Tampa received rave reviews.

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