Kanye West Says He Made $2.2 Million Off Stem Player, Despite ‘Donda 2’ Not Released [Photos]

Kanye West’s desire to bet on himself has been his mindset for over 20 years. As fans begin to relive the early stages of Ye with his Jeen-Yuhs documentary, his newest endeavor has reportedly put plenty of money in his pocket.

via: Hot97

Last week, Ye let fans know Donda 2 would only be available on his stem player in order to “free his music from oppressive streaming platforms.” In a since-deleted message online, Kanye said, “Donda 2 will only be available on my own platform, the Stem Player. Not on Apple, Amazon, Spotify, or YouTube. Today artists get just 12 [percent] of the money the industry makes. It’s time to free music from this oppressive system. It’s time to take control and build our own. Go to stemplayer.com now to order.”

The album was supposed to drop today (2/22/2022), however, it didn’t. As reported on Revolt, Kanye claims he made $2.2 million from stem players, even without the album. In another since-deleted post, Ye spoke on his earnings. He said,

“To earn the $2.2 million we made on the first day on the stem player, the album would have had to stream 500 million times,” Kanye wrote, according to Hypebeast. “We did more revenue on stemplayer, without the album even being out, than we would have done with the album being out on streaming.”

In other Ye news, you ready for the Yeezy Gap x Balenciaga collaboration? The roll-out was supposed to drop when Donda 2 was released. We’ll keep you updated on everything.

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