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Kanye West Claims He Has ‘Signs of Autism’ from Car Accident in Text to Elon Musk [Photos]

Kanye West wants the public to know — he’s not bipolar, as he’s previously claimed — instead, he says, he has “signs of autism.”

via: HipHopDX

West‘s 2002 car accident famously left him with his jaw wired shut, inspiring his breakout hit “Through the Wire” — but he also believes it’s responsible for him being slightly autistic.

That’s according to a recent text message the Chicago rap mogul sent to Elon Musk, one which he later asked fashion designer and model Ian Connor to publicize on social media on his behalf.

Connor, a close collaborator of Kanye’s, obliged by sharing screenshots of the message on Instagram in the early hours of Wednesday morning (October 18), along with his own text conversation with Ye (who is saved in his phone as “President YE”).

In his text to Musk, West asked to speak with the Tesla CEO and X (formerly known as Twitter) chairman and called him out for not publicly supporting him amid his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

He also demanded that the “nature of [their] relationship” change, denying a previous admission that he’s bipolar and claiming he has “signs of autism from [his] car accident.”

“When are we going to speak,” Kanye texted Musk. “You owe me nothing. You never have to speak to me again. But if we do speak. The nature of the relationship has to change. I’m not bi polar. I have signs of autism from my car accident.

“You can’t watch Kim keep my kids from me. And not say anything publicly and then call yourself my friend so I can bring my audience to your struggling platform.”

After sending a screenshot of the text to Connor, Kanye told the controversial fashion figure: “Get this out to the public.”

“Say Less,” Connor replied. “2:22 a.m.”

Kanye West and Elon Musk have been unlikely friends for over a decade, often singing each other’s praises in interviews and on social media, as well as hanging out at events together.

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