Kanye West Accuses Ex-Donda Academy Teachers Of ‘Misleadingly’ Depicting His School As ‘Dystopian Institution Designed To Satisfy’ His ‘Idiosyncrasies’

It looks like Kanye West is finally addressing his Donda Academy controversy.

via: Radar Online

Kanye West is demanding all claims brought against him by two former teachers at his Donda Academy be dismissed, RadarOnline.com has learned.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, West denied all allegations of wrongdoing in the case brought by Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers.

As we previously reported, Hailey and Byers sued the Donda Academy, West personally, and 3 of the school’s directors.

The suit accused the defendants of retaliation in violation of the labor code and discrimination based on race.

In the lawsuit, the two teachers said they were the only “African American Teachers” at Donda.

Hailey said after starting at the school she noticed multiple health and safety violations, as well as unlawful educational practices at Donda. She said she brought his to the directors at the school but claims nothing was done.

The duo said the school lacked basic safety protocols and had no janitorial services. The teachers said West did not believe in cleaning products “so teachers were only allowed to clean with acid water and microfiber cloths.”

In addition, they said there were no trash cans outside of the classrooms or the kitchen.

“Additionally, throughout the entirety of Plaintiffs’ employment, the only lunch available for students was sushi, every single day. Students were not allowed to bring any outside food or anything other than water. It was widely known that Defendant WEST spends $10,000.00 a week on sushi,” the suit read.

The suit claimed other rules West put in place included no crossword puzzles or coloring sheets, no classes on the second floor because West “reportedly did not want children or staff to go upstairs since he was reportedly afraid of stairs,” all cups and bowls be gray and no color in the classrooms or artwork hung up.

The teachers believe they were fired for raising their concerns.

Now, West has demanded the single claim filed against him personally be dismissed.

His response read, “The truth is, Ye has nothing to do with Donda’s policies, practices, and procedures relating to employee pay and wage statements. Surely, Plaintiffs know that. But—as unfortunately is commonly the case for Ye, a famous artist and businessperson—in the present action, Plaintiffs have haphazardly tossed a meritless and barebones guilt-by-association theory into their complaint to garner press attention and the resulting settlement pressure that comes with it.

Further, “Plaintiffs misleadingly depict the Donda Academy as a dystopian institution designed to satisfy Ye’s idiosyncrasies. None of it is true and the allegations do a disservice to the Donda Academy’s current staff and students and their parents who will attest to their positive experience as this case proceeds.”

West also denied the allegations the students had no chairs and had mandatory sushi lunches.

The ex-billionaire is asking the court to dismiss the claim over alleged wage violations. Donda Academy has yet to respond.

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