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Kai Cenat Receives Angry Messages from Kanye West After Joking About ‘Vultures’ Merch Sizing

Kai Cenat and Kanye West are in a public feud right now…over sweatpants.

via XXL:

On Friday (March 15), popular streamer Kai Cenat unboxed some free Yeezy merch while streaming on Twitch. However, when trying on some of the gear, Kai clowned Kanye West for sending him oversized sweatpants that clearly could not fit him.

“N***a!” Cenat yelled while emphasizing the humorously disproportionate size of the sweatpants gifted to him by Ye. “Bro, this s**t is not fitting me, bro!”

Cenat then started to comically dance in the oversized sweatpants to 50 Cent’s club hit, “In da Club,” much to the fans’ delight.

Kanye caught wind of Cenat’s livestream and didn’t find it funny at all. The Vultures 1 artist sent Cenat an angry Instagram message, which can be viewed below.

“Don’t make no jokes about my clothes…When you ain’t saying nothing about what Adidas is doing…When Vultures song came out you ain’t play my verse…You controlled. Don’t play with me,” he wrote.

Cenat was surprised by Ye’s DM, which prompted him to respond, “I hear you bro but ain’t no jokes was being said when I first opened up that package I showed love instantly[.] All I did was try on the sweats and it didn’t fit[.] No jokes made I immediately asked for a new pair.”

But Kanye wasn’t having it and asked Cenat if he was responded incorrectly to him, which Cenat answered, “Yes.”

Kanye then angrily shot back, “F**k you n***a. You was told to diss my s**t[.] You a pawn.”

Cenat’s mother stepped in and offered her son some guidance about Ye’s perspective. “He stands for what he believes in and he don’t care about nobody,” she told Cenat.

Later in the stream, Cenat received a phone call from Kanye’s manager, John Monopoly, who is reportedly reunited with the Chicago rapper-producer and is working on the Vultures world tour.

Monopoly, who played an integral role in Kanye’s early rap development in the 1990s and later served as his manager alongside Gee Roberson and Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua before parting ways in the mid-2010s, attempted to end their feud. Shockingly, when Monopoly told him that he was once part of the esteemed Violators management team under the late Chris Lighty, Cenat seemed unimpressed.

Nevertheless, Cenat was willing to meet with Kanye and Monopoly in the future to officially squash their beef.

Kanye is too damn old to be beefing with children.

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