K. Michelle Slams 'Petty' Lil Kim and Her 'Ignorant A*s' Fans on The Breakfast Club [Video]

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The fiery K. Michelle stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote her new single “Love ‘Em All” and dish on her new VH1 show, My Life.

While there, she addressed several things going on in the media right now.

First, she clarified what’s going on between her and Meek Mill. She insists they’ve never had sex.

“I’ve never swung on his pole,” said K. “I’ve never slept with him. He never been between my legs.”

“We could’ve slept together. We never have,” she added.

She DID make him her MCM though…

K. also spoke on her relationship with former BFF Elle Varner.

According to K., she was the one who was there for her during her breakup. That’s when she started to become more like K, cussing in records, turning up on couches and what not. At the time, they had the same management.

During this time, there was a song that was played for K. that sounded like just like a record K. wanted to put out, so K. told Elle as a friend that she couldn’t put it out.

The management team said that they didn’t like the song and told K. not to worry about it, but then they ended up putting it out anyway.

“I’m the only bitch yodeling in these hooks and stuff. You can’t do this,” she told Elle. “She went and put it out. Management told me they didn’t like the record and they wasn’t gonna put it out.”

As a result, she fired her management and signed with Lady Gaga’s former manager Troy Carter.

“They tried to keep me in a box, but musically that’s something you can’t do,” she said. “My album outsold hers, but she get to sing it? I book more than her, but she get to sing the same exact record? But I’m not good enough for it?”

Now, if you recall that right after the VMAs, K. and Lil Kim got into it on Twitter after K. called Nicki Minaj “the queen of rap.”

K. said of the situation:

“Bitch tryna get a moment. Neither one of us was [at the VMAs], motherfu**er,” she said. “At least I’m in the studio working. You been in the game, you could of at least been a guest!”

She was upset that Kim didn’t confront her off Twitter.

“Why would you go and talk to me on Twitter? ‘Cause you wanna keep them three fans you got. You could’ve been a woman and texted me.”

She continued to speak on her feelings regarding Kim’s actions. As far as Kim’s fans go, she says:

 “F**k them ignorant ass Lil’ Kim fans.”

Welp. There it is.

Watch the interview below.

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