Judge Rejects Motion To Delay R. Kelly’s Chicago Trial

Singer R. Kelly’s Chicago trial on charges of child pornography and obstruction of justice appears set for Aug. 1 after his new defense attorney failed to persuade a judge to delay it for three months.

via: Hot97

ABC reports that R. Kelly’s defense attorneys “failed to persuade a judge” to delay the trial for three months. U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber was not in favor of postponing the trial after it had already been delayed so many times in the past

The outlet says Jennifer Bonjean, the attorney who helped free Bill Cosby, sought the delay and told Leinenweber Tuesday (May 10) that there is “an exorbitant amount of material to digest” to get ready for trial. Bonjean also said R. Kelly is “looking down the barrel of a life sentence.” Leinenweber said: “The problem is, this case has been delayed time and time again. This case is going to have to go to trial.”

R. Kelly is facing another potential life sentence in federal prison after a jury in Brooklyn convicted him of racketeering. He’ll be sentenced on June 15. Bonjean pushed to delay his Brooklyn sentencing until after his Chicago trial, but the Brooklyn judge refused.

The “Bump N’ Grind” singer remains in a federal detention center in New York. Last year the singer was found guilty. He was convicted by a federal judge for racketeering conspiracy, alleging he headed a criminal enterprise that employed agents, runners, bodyguards, and others to lure and trap girls and young women to satisfy his sexually predatory desires, The Chicago Tribune reports.

The trial began on August 18. There were a total of 50 witnesses. More than half a dozen witnesses testified against R. Kelly and said they were abused by the singer when they were underaged. Males and females told stories of meeting Kelly, one of his associates, after a concert or the infamous Mcdonald’s. They alleged the singer made promises for their singing career in exchange for sexual favors.

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