Judge Denies Future's Request to Have Eliza Reign's Paternity Suit Dismissed


A Florida family court judge has denied Future’s request that the paternity case brought by his baby mama Eliza Reign be thrown out.

via KVSP:

Last week, the judge denied Future’s motion to dismiss Eliza’s case over his allegation that she committed “fraud upon the court” and for her to be punished for criminal contempt of court, according to court records obtained by BOSSIP.

Future alleged that Eliza committed fraud when she allegedly misrepresented her income in court documents and asked that she not be made to pay court fees because of a lack of funds and employment.

The “Life is Good” rapper claimed she did work, had bank accounts and had a new SUV. Future said Reign’s legal moves amounted to perjury and asked that the state Attorney General investigate.

But Eliza fired back this week, saying that she was right to claim indigency in her paternity and child support case against Future. She admitted that she did have bank accounts, but they had nominal amounts like $4 and $9 in them or were in the negative. The threshold for claiming indigency in Florida is having less than $2,500.

Eliza also said she doesn’t own her car but leases it, and when it comes to her income, she takes in small fees for social media posts but hasn’t worked steadily since baby daughter Reign was born. The mom included her bank records and lease info in the motion to bolster her contentions.

The judge sided with Eliza because he denied Future’s motion to dismiss and for an investigation into whether she committed criminal contempt.

Eliza sued Future last summer for legitimation and child support for their one-year-old girl, who was born last year. Future then sued Eliza for defamation, claiming she “turned his world upside down” by speaking out about what he said was a private relationship.

Isn’t Future tired of fighting this battle? Because we’re sure tired of hearing about it. He should just embrace his daughter, embrace the mother of his 48th child, and keep it moving. It’s not like he won’t have another baby mama or two to deal with next year…

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