Joseline Hernandez Shoves Cops, Hurls Slurs on Body Cam from Big Lex Brawl [Video]

Joseline Hernandez was arrested last month on at least four different charges, including trespassing and battery, following the mele with rapper Big Lex in the back hallways of FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Fla.

The two women were seen brawling in videos on social media, which appeared to show the Joseline putting Lex in a headlock, with the rapper’s dress coming undone in the aftermath and her breasts exposed.

TMZ is now reporting more details on what occurred after.

The “Love & Hip Hop” alum was met by several Sunrise PD officers last month in South Florida — and this new footage, obtained by TMZ, shows her immediately launching, physically and verbally, at law enforcement.

Right off the bat, she shouts she doesn’t want any white men touching her, and things quickly ramp up from there.

Joseline chucks her phone at a guy trying to calm her down — who seems to be the same person heard calling Lex a “dumb ass bitch” during the initial confrontation. Cops step in, but she shoves one of them … resulting in multiple officers taking her to the ground.

Throughout the struggle to take her into custody, you can hear Joseline shouting homophobic and racial slurs at the cops after getting cuffed. She even appears to resist while they walk her out, which is when officers pick up her legs to carry her out.

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