Jordyn Woods on Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal: 'I Understood For The First Time What It’s Like Being a Black Woman in Society'

Jordyn Woods spoke out about the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal for the first time since Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk’ during a panel in Lagos, Nigeria.

Jordyn said that she was “bullied by the world” during the dissolution of her friendship with Kylie Jenner.

“My little sister was bullied in school and I wanted to show her that I was bullied by the world. I understood for the first time what it’s like being a black woman — in a just society, how we can be so disrespected and nobody can really understand to that extent until you have to live it,” she said.

She added that despite everything, she still has love for Kylie Jenner. As does her mom.

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