Jordyn Woods Talks Overcoming Bullying: 'Some Days Are Good, Some Days Are Bad' [Video]

Jordyn Woods is speaking out against people’s preconceived notions and misconceptions they have of her.

via Page Six:

“I’m very loud in my personal life and very crazy — a little bit,” she said with a laugh. “I think that people don’t really know me the way that they think that they do, so I would love for people to get to see that side of me even more and what I go through daily.”

Woods, who boasts over 11 million followers, said people also wonder, “What does she even do?”

“It’s funny to me because I’m always working and I’m always busy,” she said. “Just because I’m not advertising it every day on social media, people are, like, ‘Wait, what does she do?’ I’m like, ‘What don’t I do?’”

Page Six exclusively revealed last week that Woods has partnered with fast-fashion brand PrettyLittleThing for her own clothing line collaboration. She is also starring in her first major role for BET+’s “Trigger,” due out Oct. 22.

However, Woods is no stranger to proving her critics wrong given some of the trials she’s gone through in her life, including the loss of her father, bullying, and a highly-publicized scandal with the Kardashians.

“A lot of people, whether you’re a public figure or a regular person, I think that we don’t talk about our struggles enough or we don’t address certain things,” she said. “One of the biggest illnesses in the United States right now and probably the world is mental health. I think that now talking about your healing is getting somewhat normalized, but I don’t think enough.”

Woods shared that “some days are good, some days are bad” even still, but wants to spread a message that she doesn’t let others’ hurtful comments “overpower” her.

“Whether it’s trauma, loss, bullying, confidence, you name it, I’ve probably gone through it,” she said.

Woods advised her young fans coping with similar issues to write down their thoughts and turn to close family and friends.

“I think you just have to take a second to be still and try to shut out the noise and really figure yourself out,” she said. “Journaling — I know it sounds really cliche or so basic, but sometimes you realize that less is more and getting back to the basics is more important than anything else … Sticking around family and friends and people that show you support no matter what. Luckily, I’m blessed to have a very supportive and loving family. Regardless of what we go through, they’re always there.”

Woods’ father, John Woods, died of cancer in early 2017, and the social media star at the time she began to exercise as a healthy outlet to release stress.

“Working out was a huge tool in my mental health and well-being,” she said. “Losing my father, I didn’t know where to turn to or what to do, and fitness became my therapy. It’s a second to really lock in that moment and builds up serotonin. Your levels go up without you realizing it and then you start to feel better. You’re doing your self good and your mind good.”

Watch Jordyn speak on it below.

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