Jordyn Woods Accused Of Faking Her Weight Loss Journey [Photos]

Jordyn Woods is promoting her new fitness app, and fans are outraged over it.

via: AceShowbiz

Jordyn Woods is proud of her body transformation as she promotes her new fitness app. Fans, however, don’t think that her weight loss was natural, accusing the former “Life of Kylie” star of undergoing surgery to get slimmer.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, September 7, Jordyn shared with her 12M followers a before-and-after picture of herself. “I look back and have to realize I came a long way and it didn’t happen overnight! I can’t even believe I’m posting this but this is really me and this is my journey,” Jordyn started her message in the caption.

“Hopefully this can inspire some of you! It all started with a lot of mental and emotional work and the physical came with it. We all start somewhere,” the former best friend of Kylie Jenner continued, before promoting her fitness app FRSTPLACE. “For me transformation was a gradual change from the inside out. I want you to experience all that FRSTPLACE represents in mind, body, and spirit. That’s why we are launching our first ever CHALLENGE with FRSTPLACE!”

However, fans were not convinced that Jordyn actually worked hard to get her current body shape as they believed that the social media personaly earned that through cosmetic surgery. “Jordyn Woods starting a fitness app and acting like she didn’t get surgery done is sending me. The BBL girls are so unhinged,” one critic wrote in a viral tweet.

“Not Jordyn Woods spreading false hope for weight loss on IG. It’s incredibly irresponsible and irritating that these celebrities are crediting fitness when 98% of them have had work done,” someone echoed the sentiment. “Jordyn woods got a bbl and is telling y’all she worked out pls help me,” another user added.

Another tweet read, “Jordyn Woods know she wrong for using her before and after to promote her workout program smh exactly why girls are insecure and self conscious about their body shapes.”

“I like Jordyn Woods but did she really go on the internet and say her reflection on her new look was a ‘weight loss’ journey when my girls been thru a couple surgeries in order to look the way she does now,” one other person noted. “Nun against BBL’s cause s**t if I had the $$ so would I but..why lie??”

Jordyn has yet to comment on the accusations.

Jordyn has since deleted the post from Instagram. You can still take a look at the photos below, as well as some comments underneath.

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