Johnny Depp Claims New LAPD Body Cam Supports Case Against Amber Heard

Over the weekend, #JusticeforJohnny was a trending topic (again), this time after body cam footage rolled around from a night when police officers were called to the then-home of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Now, as the footage has rolled around the interwebs, Depp’s lawyer is claiming Heard and her friends lied about what happened in 2016.

via: The Blast

According to a new report by Daily Mail, Depp’s legal team acquired new testimony from two of the responding police officers to the 2016 incident between the two stars, and the LAPD officers are making it clear they did not observe any evidence of a crime, including injuries to either party involved.

As The Blast has previously reported, Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp hurled a phone at her face during their infamous alleged brawl, resulting in a giant black eye on the “Aquaman” star’s face.

Depp and his team have long claimed Heard’s injuries were staged and have gathered, what they believe to be, evidence to support the claims that the details of the incident between the then-married actors were embellished for publicity and manipulation purposes during a very public and contentious divorce.

During the heated altercation back in 2016, in which Amber Heard’s friend, iO Tillet Wright called 911 from a separate location reporting that an assault was taking place, it was described by Heard and friends the apartment she shared with Johnny Depp was thrashed from a knockdown blowout between the volatile couple.

However, according to the report by Daily Mail, officers did not observe anything wrong when they entered the lavish penthouse property in Los Angeles.

DM also shared video, provided by Depp’s legal team:

“Never-before-seen bodycam footage by responding officers show a tidy apartment at Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s apartment. Depp says this ‘proves’ Heard is lying about the blowout fight that ended their toxic 18-month marriage,” a caption on the outlet reads.

The new evidence, including body cam and testimonies from the responding LAPD officers, has been entered into the Virginia defamation case, which remains ongoing and continually pushed on the calendar due to delays by COVID-19.

The move by Johnny Depp and his legal team come days after the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star suffered a legal defeat in the UK when a judge shot down his appeal in a defamation case against The Sun that labeled the actor as a “wife beater.”

The multiple court cases have seemingly taken a toll on both actors.

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