Joe Jonas Gets Candid About Using Injectables in New Campaign: 'We Can Be Open and Honest'

Joe Jonas is a sucker for injectables.

via: People

“We’re all getting older and part of that is being comfortable [in our skin],” Jonas tells PEOPLE exclusively.

While beauty and grooming routines and habits sometimes feel like a taboo topic for men, Jonas wants to further the conversation that men can and should take care of their skin too. That’s why the musician has partnered with Xeomin — a cosmetic injectable that smoothes fine lines using a uniquely purified formula that removes unnecessary proteins — for its new “Beauty on Your Terms” campaign.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily something that we have to shy away from,” he shares with PEOPLE. “We can be open and honest about it and be confident and not really shy away from speaking our truth.”

The “Happiness Begins” singer, who turned 33 on Aug. 15, is very open about his own anti-aging journey. He tells PEOPLE he’s found a new level of confidence in using these injections to smooth out some of those frown lines and wrinkles that come with age.

“I personally care a lot about what I put in my body, and with an aesthetic treatment like this, I wanted to be mindful of what was in it,” he says, adding that after speaking with the brand and his own healthcare provider, he felt good about diving in. Tackling his frown lines and even a scar between his eyebrows with Xeomin gave him that little extra boost in confidence he needed as he heads into the next year of his life. “I liked that it relieved the area a little bit and I was like, ‘Okay, this is great,’ without it being too much for my liking,” he says, adding, “I appreciated that it wasn’t over the top. It’s very light.”

For Jonas, being open about something like skincare and haircare hasn’t always come easy, but he surrounds himself with people who encourage him to be whoever he wants to be — and that means embracing his love of painting his nails, wearing clothes that he feels good in and finding confidence in all of it.

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