Joe Budden Addresses Leaked Conversation with Cyn Santana, Claims of Abuse, and His Alleged Dog Masturbation [Video]

Joe Budden is having one hell of a time in the media right now amid a firestorm of controversy.

In the wake of abuse allegations, audio of a conversation between Budden and Cyn Santana, his former fiancée, has been leaked online.

It is not clear how the conversation leaked (Joe blames Cyn’s friend, Raqui), but in the discussion Joe and Cyn talk about their son before they seem to discuss allegations of abuse.

The couple can be heard talking about giving each other space and, at one point, Joe says he is trying not to be the type of guy who’d start stalking her in order to have a face-to-face conversation.

Later, Cyn claims that Joe kicked her and their son out of his home and refused to help financially.

She then said that she isn’t comfortable with Joe being alone with their son because of his drinking habits.

Cyn mentioned that Joe “chased and dragged her.”

Joe defended himself asking “I dragged you? I laid a hand on you and dragged you where? Where did I drag you, Cyn?”

Listen to the entire audio clip here.

Now — at the time this audio leaked, elsewhere on the internet Cyn Santana’s alleged court documentation also leaked.

In the documents, it’s claimed that Joe used to masturbate their dog.

“Defendant has a male dog whom he loves and showers with attention,” the document allegedly reads. “While most of Defendant’s interactions with the dog are appropriate, I have observed on several occasions one particularly bizarre behavior by Defendant. Without putting too fine a point on it, suffice to say that Defendant has not only expressed concern for the dog’s lack of a sexual partner, but has personally assumed responsibility for relieving any pent-up canine sexual tension. Defendant, for reasons I cannot fathom, has personally masturbated the dog. Defendant repeatedly states that he sees this function as his responsibility since there are no ‘b*tches’ around to provide a sexual outlet for the dog.”

Joe took to Instagram Live today to address everything — including the allegations he used to get freaky deaky with his pooch.

Watch below.


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