Jesse Williams’ Ex-Wife Loses Attempt To Strip Him Of Custody

Jesse Williams and ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee amended their custody agreement of their two children so that he would be able to perform in a Broadway play this summer in New York.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by Radar, the parties appeared in court via Zoom this week in their never-ending divorce war.

As we first reported, Aryn recently demanded the court strip Jesse of joint custody and only allow him visitation. She accused him of being erratic and constantly canceling dates with their two kids.

Aryn said Jesse was hard to deal with, constantly berated her, and even threatened to call the cops during one dispute.

Aryn claimed when she tried to resolve issues with Jesse, “he has resorted to erratic behavior to try to force me to acquiesce to his demands; he calls me names, uses threatening language and intimidation tactics such as threatening to send the police to my home, causing me to fear for my and our children’s safety.”

She was also objecting to allowing their children to fly to New York to see him on Broadway. Aryn feared it was too dangerous during the pandemic.

Jesse claimed Aryn was the one being difficult and said she was aggressive with his nanny. He said she is constantly dragging him in and out of court over the smallest things.

He even claimed Aryn had refused to tell him if their kids were vaccinated or not.

In regard to the Broadway play, Jesse was furious with Aryn’s objections claiming his new girlfriend could travel with the kids to make it safe. He also was upset that Aryn had previously agreed to let their children travel but then backed out when the play was about to open.

All the drama is moot now given an agreement was reached in court. The judge ordered the two to participate in 10 sessions of co-parenting

The parties were awarded joint legal custody of their kids. The judge denied Aryn’s request for Jesse to pay for half of the nanny because she failed to provide any financials.

The court also shut down her request to modify parenting time.

Per the minute order, the kids will have four consecutive days per month in New York with two days being weekend days.

Jesse was also granted tie-breaking authority over Covid-19 protocols if the parties cannot reach an agreement, including on vaccines.

The court is also still considering monetary sanctions against Aryn.

Jesse filed for divorce from Aryn in 2017 after being together for 13 years. They had been married for 5 years.

Performances of Take Me Out begin March 10 at the Hayes Theater.

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