Jennifer Lopez Gives Adele Speech Crasher A Mean Side-Eye Before He's Arrested [Video]

Did anybody even notice a speech crasher as Adele won her first award of the night? We sure didn’t…

Vitalli Sediuk, a Ukrainian TV presenter who managed to be on the stage to say “I love you, Adele” and then scamper away, was arrested last night on suspicion of trespassing, E! News confirms. Sediuk was released today on $5,000 bail and a court date has been set for March 4.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, security discovered him backstage without any ticket or credentials.
Meanwhile, though Adele seemed rather oblivious to what has happening, the look on J.Lo’s face as Sediuk offered up his two cents on the British songbird’s big win was priceless.

via E!

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