Jen Shah Claims ‘RHOSLC’ Co-Star Called Her Son the N-Word [Photo]

Things have been quiet on the Jen Shah front, as she awaits sentencing.

via: Page Six

The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star, 48, claimed in an Instagram Story Monday that one of her co-stars called her son the N-word, as well as made other “racist” comments.

In a segment dubbed “Monday morning tea,” Shah encouraged fans to guess “who did” it while also listing off other alleged comments.

Shah’s first bullet point claimed that the unnamed co-star donated to Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign “4 times.”

“Said there are ‘different kinds of black people’… For example, ‘black people from Compton are different from black people from Salt Lake City (note…my husband is from Compton),” she alleged before alluding that they were talking about her husband, Coach Sharrieff Shah, who is black.

In a third point, the unidentified “Housewife” allegedly compared Jen — who is of Tongan descent — to the Disney character, Moana.

“‘Your people have the coolest hair; can I touch it?’” Jen also claimed she asked her.

In a change of topic, Jen alleged this same woman “told me I should not talk about my mental health on the show or say I use medication for my depression bcuz [sic] it will be used against me.”

In the fifth spot, Jen claimed she “called my son the ‘N’ word.” However, she did not specify if it was allegedly said to her sons, Sharrieff Jr., 28, or Omar, 19.

Finally, Jen claimed the co-star said she liked the “big black one best,” seemingly referring to the stereotype of men’s genitalia.

The Bravolebrity also teased in another Story that she’s “got receipts.”

Although it’s unclear who Jen was talking about, Season 3 also follows castmembers Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, Meredith Marks and Whitney Rose.

It’s unlikely she was calling out Gay or Marks, as the three spent a few days in New York City together before Jen pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing.

As for Barlow, the two have been feuding since Season 2 and even unfollowed each other on Instagram. However, it’s unclear when and why the social media move happened, so it may have been a result of a totally separate issue.

In Season 1, she also butted heads with co-star Mary Cosby, who she called out for saying that she avoids going to a 7-Eleven if she sees black people outside. Cosby, who has since quit the show, told Page Six she was misunderstood.

Season 2 also featured Jennie Nguyen, but she was fired when a series of controversial social media posts resurfaced in January.

“Everyone is so relieved that Jennie was fired,” a source close to production told Page Six at the time. “Absolutely nobody wanted to film with her or be associated with her after the social media drama.”

Season 3 of the hit show has been filmed, but Bravo has not released a premiere date or officially announced the cast.

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