Jeannie Mai Talks Wedding Plans, Reveals She Might Not Wear a White Wedding Dress to Tie the Knot with Jeezy |

Jeannie Mai Talks Wedding Plans, Reveals She Might Not Wear a White Wedding Dress to Tie the Knot with Jeezy

Jeannie Mai is still planning her wedding amid the pandemic.

The Real host revealed that she still doesn’t know “exactly” what she wants when it comes to her upcoming wedding to Jeezy, but is considering several options.

via People:

In the latest episode of the Kin web series Hello Hunnay shared Thursday, Jeannie went over some wedding trends she’s considering — including bubbles, a donut wall, and wrecking her dress after the ceremony. Jeannie was joined by her mom to go over the trends and revealed during their conversation that she might forgo wearing a traditional white gown.

“Another trend that I’m considering is to not wear a white wedding dress,” Mai told her mother. “To wear a different colored wedding dress.”

Jeannie, who is competing on the current season of Dancing with the Stars, added that she’s still not sure what alternative color she’d like to pick, but it may very well be “something not white.” She added that she’s not sure if she’d like to wear a veil, either.

Jeannie shared that she’d like a winter wedding because that time of year holds a special meaning for her and Jeezy, 42.

“It’s such a romantic [time for a] wedding, it’s gonna be cold outside, everybody can snuggle up on each other,” Jeannie explained.

“Jay and I met on November 28, and it’s a very special time for us,” she continued. “So I’m thinking winter because everything can be really cozy, you can have hot chocolate, spiked hot chocolate, slippers, fuzzy slippers for the dancing afterwards. There’s so many things you can do in a winter wedding.”

The TV host added that she’s hoping to invite between 50 and 100 guests for a ceremony in either Lake Como, Atlanta or Vietnam.

Jeezy proposed to Jeannie in March after the pair had to cancel a trip to Vietnam due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The rapper recreated their trip at home for Jeannie, who said she was touched by Jeezy’s thoughtful details, including a slideshow of the couple superimposed in spots they were going to visit on their trip.

“The fact that Jay did not let the quarantine stop us from still enjoying our trip to Vietnam really touched my heart,” she said in another video after the proposal.

Mai was previously married to Freddy Harteis, but the former couple split in 2017.

We still can’t believe they’re an item — but we’re glad they’re happy.

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