Janelle Monáe On Identifying As Non-Binary: “It’s About Honoring Your Truth” [Photo + Video]

The Grammy-nominated musician and Glass Onion actress first opened up about her non-binary identity last year.

via: Vibe

Janelle Monáe is in the midst of “honoring” her truth. The non-binary actor, who made the announcement last year, explained their approach to spotlighting their identity and how it can help others.

“I think it’s all about just honoring your truth and your authenticity, and whatever that may look like,” Monáe told SiriusXM’s Jess Cagle. “I’m not this arrogant person that thinks I have all the answers, so I think for me, it’s about making sure I’m also saying to people, ‘Further investigate who you are,’ you know?”

The Glass Onion star later offered advice to those navigating their own journey with gender identification. “Allow yourself to discover something new about yourself,” they shared. “Open up your mind to different possibilities, and listen to folks who are saying, ‘This is who I am. This is how I feel inside and outside.’”

In April 2022, the “Pynk” singer affirmed her non-binary identity during an episode of Red Table Talk.

“I’m non-binary, so I just don’t see myself as a woman … solely,” Monáe said. “I feel like God is so much bigger than the he or the she. And if I am from God, I am everything. But I will always, always stand with women. I will always stand with Black women. But I just see everything that I am beyond the binary. When I see people, I see your energy first—I don’t see how you identify—and I feel like that opens you up to fall in love with any beautiful spirit.”

The best-selling author also told The New Yorker earlier this month why they choose to say they’re “coming in” as opposed to coming out.

“You’re bringing people into who you are. You’re allowing them a unique opportunity to further understand how you see yourself,” they explained. “For me, it was not this big declarative statement. It was just, ‘This is who I am.’ I don’t think anybody should feel obligated to talk about their sexuality.”

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