Jake Paul Continues Verbal Spat With Floyd Mayweather Over Potential Fight: This Guy Is Money Hungry' [Video]

Jake Paul is gearing up for a huge fight in April and seems like he still has extra time to continue to go after Floyd Mayweather following an exchange on Instagram.

via: Complex

A few months back, it was announced that Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul would face off in an exhibition match, but it seems the other Paul brother is just as eager for a fight.

Jake Paul, who infamously knocked out Nate Robinson last year, will fight UFC fighter Ben Askren on April 17, and if he wins he could face Mayweather. However, Jake Paul appears to think the request to fight came out of the left-field, TMZ Sports reports.

“This guy’s out of his mind, like he just calls me out of nowhere… I mean, he hasn’t even fought my brother yet,” Paul said of Mayweather’s suggestion he would fight the other Paul if he beats Askren. “It just seems like he’s losing his marbles. Like, what the fuck is this guy doing? We’ll see what happens with him and my brother. … I could totally see a Jake Paul versus Floyd matchup. You know, a year from now that’s totally possible.”

He went on to say that Mayweather is “one of the greatest boxers to ever live,” but he’s not scared of a potential fight. “You know he’s smaller than me, and he’s old, bro,” he continued. “That speed goes away, the power goes away, the endurance goes away. That’s why I’m excited to see, you know, if he fights my brother let’s see what happens.”

He seemed to imply that he’s unclear on why Mayweather has suggested such a fight, but thinks that it could be money motivated.

“It just seems like this guy is money hungry. it seems like he hasn’t paid his taxes or some shit and he just wants to fight everyone,” said Paul. The YouTuber-turned boxer recently called out Mayweather in a post on social media after the fight was suggested, telling him he wouldn’t do exhibitions and would fight on his terms.

“If Floyd wants to do these exhibitions, ya know, cool,” Jake said, per TMZ. “But, I’m a real fighter. He has to take me seriously and I think the reason he wants to do these exhibitions is because he’s afraid to risk his legacy of his 50 and 0 record in case he were to lose.”

Jake’s comments come on the heels of a back and forth between him and Mayweather. The younger Paul brother recently went after the famed boxer by taking multiple shots against him and mentioning his daughter, Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather.

Mayweather responded to that and said that his fights with the Paul brothers, of which only Logan is confirmed right now, would “make great money.” He also slammed Jake for appropriating Black culture.

It remains to be seen what will come of this newly-found forced rivalry, although if you’re a boxing fan, you can’t help but ponder the idea of Floyd battling both Paul brothers.

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