Jada Pinkett Smith Launches 'Plastic Free' And 'Gender Neutral' Skincare Line [Video]

Jada Pinkett Smith Just Launched a Sustainable Personal Care Line at Target. Hey Humans, Pinkett Smith’s new clean brand debuts with four products, including a toothpaste and natural deodorant — all available for under $6.

via: AceShowbiz

Jada Pinkett Smith has launched a sustainable skincare line.

The actress and host of Facebook Watch series “Red Table Talk” has joined the ranks of the A-listers with their own beauty and wellness brands by announcing her new company, Hey Humans, in a video she shared on Instagram.

While taking a bath, “The Matrix Reloaded” star tried out some of her products – including toothpaste, body wash, deodorant, and lotion – all of which are now available for purchase at U.S. retailer Target.

And she’s quick to mention that her passion for protecting the planet has led her to make the line “99 per cent plastic free.”

“As you may know, personal care is one of my passions, but so is sustainability,” Jada shared in the video on Tuesday (23Feb21), before quickly giving a shout out to another of the family’s business moguls, her son Jaden, who owns a company that supplies eco-friendly water.

The footage also featured Jada out walking and relaxing at home while husband Will got into the promotional fun, too, sharing his own video on Instagram, in which he tried out Hey Humans toothpaste.

“This is Clean Mint Rush whitening toothpaste,” Will smiles, as he squeezes the paste onto his brush, and then keeps talking while cleaning his teeth as subtitles are added, explaining “the tubes are made from aluminium and the tops from plastic waste” and that the product “comes in fluoride and non-fluoride” versions.

“Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!” the “Men in Black” actor added, “Jada changed out all the products in the bathrooms in the house so nobody’s allowed to use nothin’ else!”

Every celebrity seems to have a product now, it’s selling season.

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