It's Getting Messier: Simon Guobadia Was Allegedly Dating Another Woman in April While Falling in Love with Porsha Williams [Photos]

Porsha Williams had her fair share of trust issues when it came to baby daddy Dennis McKinley, but if these ever-flowing receipts are to be believed then she’s about to have one hell of hard time learning to trust her soon-to-be husband.

If you’ve been away from the internet for the last 24 hours — let us catch you up to speed.

Porsha Williams is engaged to Simon Guobadia, the same Simon Guobadia who announced he’s going through a divorce from Porsha’s ‘friend’ Falynn Guobadia.

Falynn introduced Porsha to her husband on-camera during this past season of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ Their divorce was announced last month,  but Porsha says she’s been seeing Simon for a month and now they’re engaged.

While the entire situation between Porsha, Simon, and Falynn is a mess — it’s getting messier by the minute.

According to the streets, Simon was allegedly dating another woman just a month ago around the same time he was apparently falling in love with Porsha.

We don’t now much about her, nor do we care, but if you’re looking for receipts someone already pointed out that in the photo above she’s riding around in Simon’s Ferrari with HIS sweater in her lap.

For further corroboration, Simon posted a photo of the interior of his Ferrari (the same Ferrari this woman who is NOT Porsha Williams was photographed driving) boasting that it was completely custom and ‘built to spec.’

Since news of Porsha and Simon’s engagement went public, the woman went back to Instagram and shared the photo with a super petty caption.

We don’t know what Jessica’s endgame is right now — she may just be looking for her 15 minutes, but Porsha…consider this a red flag.

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