Is This The New iPhone? [Photos]

Summer is approaching, which means a new iPhone is near! Take a look at the latest batch of rumors surrounding the device…

Via The Huffington Post:

Apple blog posted the first images of what it said was the back plate of the next-generation iPhone.

Later on Tuesday they also published hi-resolution shots of the front plate of the black and white versions of a device, which again they said was the new iPhone.

The devices appear to be longer and thinner than previous phones, and built with a ‘unibody’ design which would allow designers to fit in an even larger battery.

The phones also feature a smaller dock connector, a redesigned and larger speaker grille, a moved earphone jack and a redesigned second microphone.

The screen resolution is said to be around 1136 x 640, and the screen size about 4 inches.

Take a look at the pictures below. As with most ‘leaks’, take this purely speculation for now. The new iPhone is rumored to launch late summer/early fall.

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