Is Regis Philbin Making a Return to 'Live' with Kelly Ripa?

regis kelly

Could Regis Philbin be making his way back to the ‘Live’ co-host chair alongside Kelly Ripa?

According to Regis, he wouldn’t rule it out…but just for a little while.

via Page Six:

“Well, if they asked me to do a day or two, it might be fun,” he said in a new interview with Newsday.

Since Michael Strahan made his shocking departure from the show in May, a rotating crop of guest co-hosts (and potential replacements) from Anderson Cooper to Rob Lowe to Fred Savage has filled in at the co-host table.

But to join that list, Philbin, who hosted “Live” for 28 years before retiring in 2011, would first need to be asked. “So far, I haven’t heard from anybody,” he told the paper.

That doesn’t mean the 84-year-old doesn’t keep in contact with anyone from the show, though. Just last Thursday, a Page Six spy overheard “Live” executive Art Moore saying he and Philbin had gone out to lunch the previous day and that the TV personality is “fabulous.”

A rep for “Live” told us, “As always, we don’t comment on any of the guest co-host speculation.”

Having Regis back ‘for the nostalgia’ would be an awesome idea — and probably a great ratings bump!

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