'Insecure' Star Sarunas Jackson Says He Was 'a Bit Aggravated' When News of His Baby with DomiNique Perry Got Out [Video] | lovebscott.com

‘Insecure’ Star Sarunas Jackson Says He Was ‘a Bit Aggravated’ When News of His Baby with DomiNique Perry Got Out [Video]

Sarunas Jackson got a quick introduction to fame when news of his baby girl hit the internet before he was ready to share it with the world.

Sarunas, who plays Dro on HBO’s ‘Insecure’ welcomed his first child with former co-star DomiNique Perry but they tried to keep it quiet.

via Page Six:

“Being a private person, when the news came out that me and DomiNque had our baby girl Zen … I don’t want to say it affected my personal life. I did have a day where I was a bit aggravated,” Jackson told Page Six. “I didn’t mind the positivity, but there’s a lot of ignorant people out there. So there were comments made, whether it was about the baby or the mother of my child or me.”

“It was interesting … because I never had a life where people are thirsty for fake tea,” Jackson continued. “It’s an interesting thing where they make up scenarios and try and paint you a certain way … It was an adjustment to make.Many fans speculated that Jackson had cheated on his former flame Kaylen Zahara, but Zahara quelled those rumors.

“I mean we went through the whole pregnancy and nobody knew,” he added. “It’s me and DomiNque who were conceiving together … and that was done on purpose.”

Although there’s no way to change the past now, Jackson said he “might’ve waited a little longer” to post a picture of Zen, but realized that would’ve “just delayed the inevitable.”

Jackson’s on-screen persona as Dro has a love life that is all over the place, but in reality, he’s very strict about dating co-stars.

“My rules for on-set dating is something that I wouldn’t pursue, but particularly my situation there wasn’t even a thought while both of us were on the show,” he said, adding that Perry’s eventual removal from the show led to making their romance acceptable.

“And then one was finished and it was OK to hang out and stuff like that down the line,” he said.

In all fairness, people wouldn’t have figured it out so fast had pictures and tweets referencing the birth not ended up online in the first place.

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