Influencer Says She Got a ‘Christian BBL’ and Now Everyone Is Confused [Photos + Video] |

Influencer Says She Got a ‘Christian BBL’ and Now Everyone Is Confused [Photos + Video]

YouTuber Sophiology, also known as Sophia Idahosa, recently made headlines after she underwent a BBL or Brazilian B*tt Lift.

via: Complex

Sophiology shared a 39-minute video where she detailed the procedure. She explained that she went to Houston cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jung Money for liposuction and a fat transfer to her hips, and her recovery would be six months overall. Linking the procedure to her Christian faith, Idahosa clapped back against those who were “judgemental” of her decision to have surgery and “projecting their beliefs.”

“I have never presented myself to be [a] holy, perfect example,” she said around the 6:30-minute mark of the video below. “I’ve always vouched for the girls that love God and are not accepted by others.”

Ironically, a remix of SZA’s “Good Days” opens Idahosa’s video. The singer-songwriter has been open about her own reasons for getting a BBL.

In a previous YouTube video, the 25-year-old Nigerian woman shared that she was pro-surgery, despite some Christians believing that natural bodies are more religiously acceptable.

“Don’t get me wrong. I get there’s people that are, like, pro-natural bodies, like ‘don’t do anything to yourself, don’t get veneers,'” she said in the video. “I’m not personally that person. I’m here for anything that makes you look better, feel better, have more confidence and just enjoy your life.”

She continued, “Whatever choices I make in my life… have your disappointment and make a decision. Do you love me? Yes or no?”

Although Idahosa insisted that she got spiritual permission from God, the explanation wasn’t acceptable to many social media users. The “Christian BBL” coin got laughs from many who were confused about Idahosa’s journey and thought that she was using her religion as a cop-out. On Tuesday, “Christian BBL” was an X trending topic and got the meme treatment from those who were lost on the whole thing.

Others joked that the “Christian BBL” was a perfect fit for the Christian nightclub boom that’s becoming present in major cities like Los Angeles and Atlanta. Instead of playing secular music, these venues spin gospel, Christian hip-hop, and other spiritual genres.

The “Christian BBL” is a far cry from some who say the movement is dying out. In April, Dr. Miami spoke to Complex and shared that women like Blac Chyna are opting for skinny and reversal BBLs to undo the popularized voluptuous shape.

“Within the next year, people will continue asking more for skinny BBLs and not the ginormous dump truck BBLs anymore,” he said. “I think that trend is going to continue for a while.”

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