Honey Boo Boo Threatens to Cut Out Mama June as Pumpkin Slams Her for 'Losing $500K to a Bag of Crack' | lovebscott.com

Honey Boo Boo Threatens to Cut Out Mama June as Pumpkin Slams Her for ‘Losing $500K to a Bag of Crack’

Honey Boo Boo’s seems ready to cut her mom off.

via: People

On Friday’s Mama June: Family Crisis episode, Mama June and her husband, Justin Shroud, sit down with Pumpkin and Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson to straighten out the money missing from Alana’s Coogan account.

Pumpkin can be seen standing in front of a whiteboard with Alana’s earnings and Mama June’s transactions from the Coogan account. After cross-referencing Alana’s various child star appearances, out-of-state taxes and the money Mama June spent, Pumpkin reveals that there is $35,728 missing from Alana’s funds.

“Well, you’re not even allowing me to talk,” Mama June fires back after a brief standoff. When Pumpkin accuses her of trying to go around her betrayal, she claims she’s “not going around the facts” and asks if she expects to hand over “35 grand” to Alana after the presentation.

“If Mama wants to have like a relationship with me she needs to pay me back, because one thing I don’t do, is I don’t hang around no ‘thief’ that gonna steal my money now,” Alana tells cameras in an emotional confessional. “You was the one who stole it so you need to pay my money back.”

After Pumpkin points out that Alana’s missing money could have paid for two semesters of her college education, Mama June admits that she doesn’t believe that her youngest daughter will stick it out and doesn’t want to give her tuition money for her to drop out.

“You’re being [a] negative bitch!” Pumpkin yells. “You’re not a supportive mother! … Who cares?! It’s investing in your daughter if you lost 10 grand? You lost $500,000 to a bag of f—ing crack, bitch!”

“God forbid Alana drop out of college and waste 10 grand,” she huffed.

When Mama June defends herself by claiming she doesn’t “tell y’all what to do with you’re money,” this time Alana chimes in to say nobody is “mad” for her refusal to help with college.

“I don’t even want you to pay for college. I just want my 35 grand back in my account so I can pay for college,” she retorts.

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