Hold Up: Did Paris Jackson Get Married? [Photos]

Paris Jackson Married 1Paris Jackson has taken on the last name of her 18-year-old soccer star boyfriend — and we have some questions.

If you’ve been following Paris on Instagram, she and boyfriend Chester Castellaw seem pretty in love. The two are pictured ‘boo’d up’ just about every few days.

Paris Jackson Married 3

What’s new, however, is that Paris has changed her account name — adding ‘Castellaw’ to the end.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 8.09.25 AM

Now, we scoured her account looking for evidence of a wedding or engagement ring…but this (below) is all we found.

Paris Jackson Married 2

Paris is just 17-years-old, so we have a hard time Katherine would sign-off on her getting married so soon.

If we had to bet, we’d say Paris changed her last name simply because she’s a lovestruck teenager — and that’s what they do. In 2015, changing your IG name would be the equivalent of scribbling you & your boyfriend’s names in the pages of your notebook.

Update: Paris says the person behind THIS account is an impostor.

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