Hate It or Love It? Pamela Anderson Ditches Her Signature Blonde Locks for Short Pixie Cut [Photos]

pamela anderson pixie blonde lovebscott 3

Pamela Anderson, is that you?

The busty Baywatch blonde has been known throughout her career for her long golden hair — so imagine our surprise when she decided to chop it all off!

She opened up about her decision to make the cut on Ellen. It happened just a few days before she rand the New York marathon. She said:

‘I just thought my hair had had a life and I kind of wanted to put that behind me and start fresh,’ Pamela replied, ‘and I also thought it would be good for the marathon.’

Ellen told the audience:

‘A couple of weeks ago Pamela Anderson was on the show and told me she was going to run the New York City marathon and I may have accidentally said that she might not finish. More than once. Well, she did finish the marathon and I want to apologize to her in person.’

Pamela ran the marathon in five hours and 41 minutes.

Ellen then gave Pamela a T-shirt reading ‘Ellen is not always right’.

‘Because I really want to apologize to you,’ said Ellen.

Way to go Pamela! We love the look. It’s great to see her doing something different, wouldn’t you agree?

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