Halle Berry Reveals She Had Her First Orgasm at Age 11 [Video]

Not sure this is news anyone needed to know but Halle Berry is out here telling how she had her first orgasm at 11 years old.

via: Page Six

Halle Berry recently opened up about her early experiences exploring her sexuality, saying she had her first orgasm at 11 years old.

The Oscar winner revealed the tidbit on Instagram while chatting with longtime friend Lindsay Flores, who said she couldn’t remember her own first time.

“I remember my first orgasm,” Berry mused. “I did it to myself.”

Flores then asked how old the star was, to which she responded, “Eleven.”

Berry added that she was “figuring out my sexuality — like most girls,” before jokingly telling Flores “shame on you” for not remembering her experience. “I feel bad for you now.”

“I feel bad for myself,” Flores responded. “Maybe I gave it to myself.”

The reveal comes two months after Berry confirmed her relationship with singer Van Hunt.

You can watch the full conversation below. But Ma’am you could have kept that one to yourself.

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