'Grey's Anatomy' Star Jesse Williams Criticizes 'Django Unchained for 'Inaccuracies'

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Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams took to CNN to write a blog about controversial hit film Django Unchained and it’s many “inaccuracies”. Read what Williams had to say about the film below.

Tarantino rightly claims that the abundant use of “nigger” in the film was authentic and of the time. Of course it was. So was chattel slavery and the back-breaking manual labor that kept these massive plantations thriving.

Tarantino’s plantations are nearly empty farms with well-dressed Negresses in flowing gowns, frolicking on swings and enjoying leisurely strolls through the grounds, as if the setting is Versailles, mixed in with occasional acts of barbarism against slaves.

It’s the opposite of the exploration of the real phenomenon of slavery about which he boasts.

Sometimes we sacrifice accuracy for story, but these inaccuracies are completely unnecessary. How does depicting slave plantations like circus campgrounds, fit with delirious, babbling overseers wielding bull whips and overdressed rabble wandering aimlessly, further Django’s truth?

via Huffington Post

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