Grandmother Who Went Viral for Accidentally Inviting Strangers to Thanksgiving Allegedly Has COVID-19

A few years ago, Wanda Dench went viral for accidentally sending a Thanksgiving invitation to a total stranger — resulting in an unexpected friendship.

Now, the beloved grandmother is said to be battling the coronavirus.

via Complex:

The Daily Dot points out that Wanda Dench and her husband Lonnie were said by Jamal Hinton, the stranger at the center of the 2016 text mishap that resulted in a new annual tradition for all involved, to have contracted the novel coronavirus. 

“I am so sad to announce that Wanda and Lonnie both have COVID-19 and that Lonnie is currently in the hospital fighting both COVID and Pneumonia,” Hinton said in a tweeted update earlier this week. “Please send words of love and encouragement their way.”

In 2019, Hinton shared his fourth Thanksgiving in a row with Wanda and Lonnie, telling Time in an interview that what was initially a “kind of weird” misunderstanding has now grown into a holiday routine he looks forward to each year. 

“We just sit at the table for a couple of hours and talk the whole time and tell stories and see how we’ve been,” Hinton said. “Time kind of just flies, we don’t even realize how long we’ve been there. They’re really good company.”

Prayers go out to Wanda and her family.

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