Girl, Bye! La'Porsha Renae Slams Beyoncé's CMA Performance: 'The Essence of Country Wasn't There' [Video]


American Idol Season 15 runner-up La’Porsha Renae has some not-so-nice feelings about Beyoncé’s performance at the Country Music Awards.

La’Porsha was doing a little live stream with her fans and said the following:

“I didn’t feel like that dress matched that song. I didn’t feel like her movements matched that song. It was confusing — and people couldn’t even grasp the beautiful message of that song. She was thrusting her hips and popping her butt. Country people — I don’t even think they do that. They didn’t like it because the essence of country wasn’t there.”

First LaPorsha came for the gays and now she’s coming for Beyoncé? She must not want a career. Peep what else La’Porsha had to say below.

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