The Game's Sexual Assault Accuser Wins Second Lawsuit Against Him |

The Game’s Sexual Assault Accuser Wins Second Lawsuit Against Him

The Game just lost a second lawsuit against him from Priscilla Rainey, a former contestant on his 2015 She’s Got Game reality TV show.

via: HipHopDX

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Rainey went to court earlier this month to claim that the rapper (real name Jayceon Taylor) transferred many of his assets — including his home — to his manager, Wack 100, in the form of a shell company to avoid paying her what she won in the judgment.

Though both Rainey and Wack 100 testified at the trial, The Game did not. According to Wack 100, The Game transferred the assets to him to satisfy a debt.

The judge, however, didn’t buy Wack 100’s claims and sided with Rainey in the matter. According to the outlet, the judge set aside the transfer of The Game’s home to Wack 100 and declared the transfer “rendered void to the extent necessary to satisfy the Underlying Judgment against [The Game]. Following entry of this Judgment, legal title shall be deemed to be held by JTT Holdings.”

This means that Rainey can now choose to put a lien against the house to satisfy the $7 million judgment, or even move to have it sold off to pay down what the rapper owes.

What’s more, Rainey claims that The Game has only paid her $500,000 of the $7 million that he owes, so she’s free to continue to pursue all his other assets until she’s paid in full.

Rainey filed the aforementioned suit in 2021. It accused The Game of making shell companies hide his assets from being seized. Other defendants included JTT Holdings, Inc, F12 & Associates, 5th Amendment Entertainment, and Pass Go 2 Win LLC.

The rapper proved to be a hard person to serve with the suit.

“In an attempt to personally serve Taylor, Plaintiff has had a process server approach the location on six separate occasions between October 15, 2021, and November 3, 2021, but was unable to gain access to the property or response to the call box at the gate,” a filing read.

It added: “On Friday, July 29, 2022, surveillance was conducted on the residence from 10:30 am to 11 am, at which time Taylor was followed in his vehicle to an office building in Encino. Personal service was announced and attempted as Taylor entered the building, however, he refused to take possession.”

Rainey said The Game has been paid $905,000 from 5th Amendment since 2017, and believes the rapper was also paid through JTT Holdings, saying the LLC sent him $342,000 in 2019.

Additionally, Rainey said she could no longer seize The Game’s Calabasas mansion because the deed was transferred into Wack 100’s name, despite the rapper reportedly residing at the home. Rainey believed Wack 100 was paying the mortgage with money believed to be Game’s.

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