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Did Birdman And Toni Braxton Get Married? Singer’s Sister Tamar Reacts To Viral Rumor

A baseless rumor about Toni Braxton tying the knot with Birdman has Tamar Braxton jokingly wondering why she wasn’t invited to the ceremony.

via: HotNewHipHop

“I’ve been blowing up her phone,” Tamar exclaimed during an impromptu livestream on Instagram. However, Tamar had nothing but love for her sister, offering congratulations to the couple who have been together “a million billion years”. Tamar responded to the rumors while driving with new fiancee JR Robinson. According to Tamar, they were “taking the kids to Disney” at the time of the stream. However, people were quick to clown Tamar for being left in the dark.

“Tamar, she didn’t tell you because you have a big mouth. Mind you, you are on live doing a whole live about this lady business,” one person noted. “Coming to the internet to address fam business is very telling why someone would exclude you,” added another. “What Toni said? “if they weren’t my sisters, they wouldn’t be my friends,” a third agreed.

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