The Game Wants To Fight Jake and Logan Paul, ‘No Gloves, No Money’ and Brothers Respond [Photos]

Taking to Twitter, The Game called out Jake and Logan Paul and challenged them to a fight. Ahead of Logan’s match against Floyd Mayweather, Jr., the controversial brothers appeared to laugh off the challenge by the “Hate It or Love It” rapper.

via: The Blast

The 6’4” rapper issued a challenge to the famous YouTubers with a very menacing tweet on Sunday, May 17. He offered to have a brothers-to-brothers stand-off but didn’t want all the publicity and attention that the Paul brothers are used to. He made it clear that he just wants to see which siblings really have the juice.

Clearly, the Paul brothers know a thing or two about social media, and Logan quickly replied to The Game’s challenge.

Logan is set to square off with Floyd Mayweather Jr. during an exhibition boxing match on June 6. Many true boxing fans were upset when the brothers disrespected Mayweather at the weight in. Jake snatched the 44-year-old’s hat off his head and took a beating from the Money Team. Regardless, it angered Floyd and serious boxing fans. However, there is no indication that the childish move inspired The Game to issue his challenge.

The Game is no stranger to fights. In fact, he gave fellow rapper 40 Glock a pretty good beatdown on camera back in 2012. He was sued and eventually claimed self-defense.

The rapper claimed 40’s lawsuit was just part of his “gangster agenda to profit from threats, intimidation and taunts.” Regardless, He’s a very big man and he’s not afraid to throw down outside of the ring.

There are so many people trying to put the smack down on the Paul brothers that The Game will have to get in Line behind Lamar Odom and everybody else.

I personally would want zero smoke with The Game.

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