Former NBA Player Andre Emmett Found Dead In Dallas

Former NBA player Andre Emmett, known for playing two seasons with the Nets and Grizzlies, was killed Monday morning in Dallas.

via CBS:

Emmett’s body was found by a passerby at 2:30 a.m. on the side of the street at 1800 N Prairie Avenue, near Munger Avenue.

Dallas Fire Rescue arrived and observed Emmett had a gunshot wound. They transported the 37-year-old to a local hospital where he died. Police said he was running away from his attackers when he was gunned down.

The heartbroken family is asking for the community’s help to find them.

“This is a senseless tragedy, and we do not want it to go unsolved… if anyone knows anything, we’re asking that they reach out to the police,” said Emmett’s Aunt, Karen Oliver.

Family and friends gathered, struggling to make sense of the loss… saying the father of two had no enemies.

“That’s why we’re so shocked, we don’t know anybody that would want to hurt him.He wasn’t like that. He wasn’t involved in anything like that, he was strictly about basketball, family, business, that was it, said Emmett’s sister, Sasha.

The Dallas Carter and Texas Tech standout is perhaps best known for playing in a professional three on three league called ‘The Big 3’.

Basketball legend Nancy Lieberman came to comfort the family saying she just spoke with Emmett on Friday.

“We spent so many days talking about his children, and his family,” said Lieberman. “I coach a lot of men; but, you also create great friendships. And he called me his mentor…and it meant a lot to me.”

As tributes pour in, friends said Emmett would want to be remembered for being a good father, and what he did for others.

“We had  this Dreams Really Exist foundation, he knew growing up some of the confidence issues he faced in not having some of the shoes, haircuts and the basic things — so we wanted to eliminate that,” said friend Baylor Barbee.

Witnesses told police that the men who shot Emmett drove away in a white Chrysler 300 and one of them was wearing a red hat.

So sad.

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