Former 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Cast Member Sincere Show Details His Battle with Coronavirus: 'This Is Not a Game' |

Former ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Cast Member Sincere Show Details His Battle with Coronavirus: ‘This Is Not a Game’

‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ alum Sincere Show is sharing details about his experience battling coronavirus.

via Page Six:

The former reality star opened up in an Instagram video and explained that a week ago he wasn’t feeling his “best” and had to have an ambulance come and transport him to the hospital.

“They ran all the necessary tests and everything, and I was diagnosed with COVID-19,” he revealed. “I’ve been in the hospital ever since.”

Show, 29, then detailed how the novel virus has affected him personally, noting that it hits “everybody differently.”

“For me, I have pneumonia in both my lungs — makes it difficult for me to breathe. And you know this thing…this is not a game, you know what I’m saying?” he said. “I’m feeling a little better today.”

Show, whose real name is Vincent Coffey, said the most frightening aspect of COVID-19 is how little doctors know about it.

“They say, you know, they’re not really saying much of anything, and that’s the scary part about this, just the not knowing,” he shared. “You’ve got healthcare professionals who go to school for 10, 20, 30 years, and they don’t even know what this thing is. Nobody really fully understands what it is yet, and, you know, it’s just a waiting game.”

“It’s like putting a Band-Aid over a stab wound with some of the treatments,” Show continued. “They don’t really have the answers, man…Imma be alright, regardless. I don’t even have the capacity to think about things in a way that’s not me getting out here stronger.”

Show implored his 100,000 followers to take coronavirus seriously and not ignore it.

“I just want everybody to really understand that this thing is serious,” he said, “and play time is over.”

“Play time is over.”

We hope Sincere gets well soon. Watch the video below.

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