Floyd Mayweather Refuses Photo with Boy Because of His Painted Nails [Photos + Video]

Floyd Mayweather allegedly refused to take a photo with a teenage boy at a basketball game in Los Angeles over the weekend because he had painted nails and the incident was caught on video.

via: New York Post

The former boxing champ, 44, was caught on camera refusing to pose for a photograph with a teenage boy, seemingly because he had painted nails.

TMZ obtained video of the incident, which occurred at the end of an NBA game in Los Angeles on Saturday.

In the clip, the male fan approaches Mayweather to ask for a photo. However, the boxing legend brushes him off, responding: “You got painted nails, I don’t take pictures with guys with no painted nails.”

The sports icon hurries away before the boy turns the camera to selfie mode and states: “Floyd’s a homophobe. You guys saw that first. Floyd doesn’t want to take a picture with me because my nails are painted. Bro, really?”

Mayweather’s representative strongly denied allegations of homophobia when approached by TMZ for comment on Tuesday. The rep claimed the ex-boxer was simply in a hurry to leave the NBA game.

However, eyewitnesses told the publication that Mayweather was happily posing for pictures with other fans around the same time.

Mayweather previously made headlines for using a homophobic slur back in 2017.

“You punk, you f—-t, you ho,” Mayweather yelled at boxing opponent Conor McGregor during a promotional event for their boxing match. He later apologized for the remark.

Meanwhile, men rocking painted nails have grown in popularity in recent years, with The Post profiling several trendy male nail enthusiasts back in 2020.

Several disappointed fans blasted Mayweather on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Every male rock star of the 80’s wore nail polish. Prince wore nail polish. Gonna say you wouldn’t have taken a pic with PRINCE? Or Johnny Depp? Or Seal? Or Post Malone? Or Brad Pitt? I can keep going. Dudes rock nail polish. Deal with it,” one raged.

“Best way to defeat Floyd Mayweather is to just paint your finger nails, and he’ll be running away to his mama in second,” another mocked.

Not surprised at all.

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