Flavor Flav to Hire Swifties To Make Custom Friendship Bracelets After Attending Taylor Swift's Show [Video]

Flavor Flav knows a thing or two about Midnights … and well, every other time of the day for that matter.

via: Billboard

Flavor Flav is in his Swiftie era and asking talented Taylor Swift fans to help him make a large number of custom friendship bracelets before the next Eras Tour concert he attends.

After catching Swift’s Friday night show at Detroit’s Ford Field and mingling with fans who gifted him handmade friendship bracelets, he seems to be taking Swift’s “You’re on Your Own, Kid” lyric “So make the friendship bracelets/ Take the moment and taste it” to heart. Friendship bracelet trading has become a fun trend for the crowds at Swift’s current tour.

“Swifties,” he wrote on Twitter Sunday afternoon (June 11), “I wanna hire one of y’all to make me some custom Flavor Flav bracelets to trade for the next Eras Tour stop ya boy hits up.”

“Who can help??” he asked.

“Ya boy wants hundreds of bracelets,,, maybe thousands,,, so maybe we hire several of y’all,,, looking for: •ITS•A•CLOCK• + •FLAVOR•FLAV In Navy with Silver Gonna start DMing some of y’all,” he added in a reply.

Hopefuls soon commented with their “resumes” — photos of the friendship bracelets they’ve already made for The Eras Tour — and Flav already seems impressed by the pool of applicants.

“WOWWWWWW!!! These just keep getting better!!!” he said after watching a video clip of a Flavor Flav friendship bracelet one fan created.

The Public Enemy co-founder had the time of his life at his first Eras stop in Detroit, where he found himself “makin new friends.” He posted numerous updates throughout the show on Friday, including a picture of a wrist full of colorful bracelets he’d collected that night.

See his job listing here. Plus, check out the Swift concert reel he posted, featuring his Eras Tour bracelet trading.

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