Method Man Explains Redman’s Absence From “Power Book II: Ghost” [Video]

In season two of Power Book II: Ghost, rapper and actor Redman was brought on to play a character named Theo Rollins. That character is the brother of Davis MacLean who is played by Method Man.

via: HotNewHipHop

Method Man has confirmed why Redman was absent from the third season of Power Book II: Ghost. He previously played the character of Theo Rollins, but Method Man has confirmed that the role was recast because Redman wouldn’t get the coronavirus vaccine. Method Man discussed the situation during an appearance on The Breakfast Club.

“He wouldn’t get the jab. Did I talk to Redman about it? No, we close-close. Shit like that don’t even need to be said. He’s not the first or the last person that’ll probably happen to,” Meth said, before referencing another actor who experienced a similar problem. “Redman, he made a decision and I stick by whatever his decision was. If he feels it was best for him, I agree with him.”

When The Hip-Hop Wolf reposted the clip to Instagram, fans had mixed responses. One noted that Method Man and Redman can’t be as close as they say. “Fuck all that…they not as close as I thought they was [crying emoji]. I heard what he said but u don’t jus not speak on that… u ain’t ask y u wasn’t at work,” they commented. Others sided with Redman in his decision: “It’s too bad but I’m glad redman stuck to his guns n didn’t fold like a lot of people did.”

The third season of Power Book II: Ghost ended up premiering on Starz back in March and concluded in May. Jordan Mahome took over the role of Theo Rollins for the new episodes. Starz renewed the series for a fourth season, earlier this year. Elsewhere in the Wu-Tang Clan rapper’s latest appearance on The Breakfast Club, he discussed apologizing to Destiny’s Child, working with Mary J. Blige on “All I Need,” and more.

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