Fivio Foreign Says Future Gave Him ‘Relationship Advice’ Amid Controversy Over Dancing With Asian Doll [Photos + Video]

Fivio Foreign found himself in a dilemma last week with his girlfriend, but it seems Future gave him some advice to fix the problem.

via: Complex

As you may or may not have seen across social media in recent days, a clip of Fivio dancing with Asian Doll resulted in a wave of arguable nontroversy. Most prominently, Fivio’s girlfriend—Jasmine Giselle—called Fivio out during an Instagram Live session.

“You moving around acting like you single and you’re not,” she said at one point in the update, as seen here. “That’s your problem. You’re not single.”

In an initial response, Fivio said the world was “demonic” because he couldn’t dance with “his friend.” In a follow-up message shared on New Year’s Eve, he credited Future with that aforementioned relationship advice. This came after Fivio shouted out Future for welcoming him to the stage as a special guest during a performance in Brooklyn.

“Future gave me relationship advice yesterday,” Fivio wrote. He did not elaborate on the nature of this advice.

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