First Look: The 'Married to Medicine' Season 7 Trailer Has Arrived [Video] |

First Look: The ‘Married to Medicine’ Season 7 Trailer Has Arrived [Video]

Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Toya Bush-Harris, Quad Webb, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Mariah Huq are headed back to TV screens in a few weeks and Bravo just premiered the ‘Married to Medicine’ season seven trailer.

via People:

They’ll be joined by Buffie Purselle, a new friend to the Married to Medicine crew. She’s the wife of psychiatrist Dr. David Purselle and is described in a press release as taking her role as Mrs. MD “very seriously.”

After a tumultuous year, the ladies of Married to Medicine appear to be rebuilding personal and business relationships.

Back together after filing for divorce, Dr. Jackie and her husband Curtis Berry are now focused on repairing their marriage and moving into a new home. Wounds from the past take time to heal, though.

“You look like you’re not telling the whole truth,” Dr. Jackie says in the trailer. “I don’t like that feeling.”

Dr. Simone and husband Cecil Whitmore are also still living under one roof, with Cecil even taking on a new title as Dr. Simone’s assistant. But their relationship troubles are far from over, either.

“Happy life, happy wife,” Dr. Simone says. “Where the hell has that gone?”

Webb, on the other hand, has dropped husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford (and her hyphenated last name) for good following their nasty split.

“I’m okay with being single,” she confesses in the clip, which also shows her dipping her toe into the dating pool. “I take very good care of myself, bymyself. If you know what I mean.”

As Webb looks for a match, Toya and husband Eugene Harris are looking looking to expand their family and find a new home.

Neither appears to be easy, with Toya holding back tears at one point.

“As a doctor, everyone looks to you for answers,” says Dr. Jackie, who consoles Toya. You want to make people feel better. But sometimes, we can’t.

Meanwhile, the rest of the ladies are focused on business. Dr. Heavenly and Damon Kimes are broadening their medical horizons by opening a surgical center; Mariah is working on opening a boutique in her hometown; and Dr. Contessa is going back to school to get her masters, all while working to open a new clinic with her husband, Scott Metcalfe.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Married to Medicine without some conflict among the cast.

“You gonna bring some s— up, back it up,” Webb tells Dr. Simone, who storms off after telling Webb, “I don’t have time.”

“I don’t do no goddamn cocaine,” Huq screams in the trailer, denying accusations of drug usage. “I wasn’t stabbed in the back, I was stabbed in the heart.”

All seems to spill over at the annual couples trip, including a spat between Dr. Jackie tells Dr. Contessa. “Don’t touch me right now, Contessa,” Dr. Jackie snaps. “There’s a new [Dr. Jackie] you just met.”

Get into the trailer below. Married to Medicine season 7 premieres Sept. 8  at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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