Fire Crews Respond to Denzel Washington's Beverly Crest Home, No Injuries Reported [Video] |

Fire Crews Respond to Denzel Washington’s Beverly Crest Home, No Injuries Reported [Video]

Firefighters rushed out to Denzel Washington’s home just outside of metro Los Angeles on Wednesday after reports of smoke.

via CBS LA:

According to authorities, smoke could be seen coming from the second floor of the multi-level home in the first block of Beverly Park Circle.

Despite a thorough search of the 28,887-square-foot residence with thermal imaging cameras, there was no active fire discovered.

The smoke on the second floor was determined to be from one of several furnaces in the home that was recently serviced and was taken offline.

There were no injuries and all occupants of the home were allowed to return back inside shortly after 10:30 p.m. as all fire crews — both Los Angeles and Beverly Hills fire departments — left the scene.

We’re relieved this story has a relatively happy ending.

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