'Fine Felon' Jeremy Meeks Speaks Out from Jail: 'I'm not some kingpin' [Photos + Video]

fine felon jeremy meeks

It’s been 24 hours and the Internet is still buzzing about Jeremy Meeks and his gorgeous (yet felonious) face.

Since his mugshot hit the news, there have been petitions, t-shirts, and even fundraisers to collect money for Jeremy’s $900,000 bail.

We hate to break it to you, but he’s married…with kids.


Stockton news network KXTV spoke to Jeremy in jail and he said he wife let him know that he’s all over the Internet. We wonder how she feels about her man being so widely lusted after….

Despite already have spent 9 years in prison for grand theft, he wants everyone to know he isn’t a bad guy.

He said:

I just visited my wife and she said that I blew up all over Facebook.[…]I appreciate that but I just want them to know that this is really not me. I’m not some kingpin.

The news reporter asked about that teardrop on his cheek (which often means the person wearing the tattoo has killed someone) and he said that he’s done some things in his past that he’s not proud of.

Jeremy Meeks’ mother also spoke out in defense of her son saying that he has to have weapons because he used to be in a gang and needs to protect himself.

When he was asked about the tear drop tattoo on his face (which normally signifies that the person has killed someone), he responded that he has done some things in the past that he is not proud of.

 Watch his brief interview below.

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