Fetty Wap Caught On Video Slapping Woman At Iowa Fair As Federal Drug Case Looms [Video]

As Fetty Wap’s federal drug case looms, the “Trap Queen” rapper was caught on video slapping a fan who splashed him with water during a recent meet and greet.

via: AceShowbiz

The moment reportedly took place on Saturday, July 2 at Sioux City’s Grandview Park in Iowa, where Fetty performed at the Saturday in the Park event. In some fan-taken videos which surfaced on Sunday, the hip-hop star was signing autographs and talking to fans outside the venue when he was splashed with water.

It seems that the water-spilling moment was accidental as a crowd surge caused the woman holding an open bottle of water to stumble forward, spilling some of her drink on the 31-year-old star. He wasn’t happy though, slapping the water bottle out of the person’s hand and then delivering a quick slap to the fan’s head before a security guard quickly pushed him back.

Fetty, whose real name is Willie Junior Maxwell II, has not addressed the incident. Back in December 2021, he made headlines due to his legal issue. The “My Way” emcee was taken into police custody in New Jersey because his ankle monitor went off.

He was handcuffed by law enforcement officials at Newark Liberty airport. The “Trap Queen” hitmaker allegedly had a warrant out for his arrest.

Fetty’s movement was restricted by authorities amid his felony drug cases. While waiting for his court hearing, he had to wear a GPS monitoring device, submit drug testing results, surrender his passport and ask for approval from officials before traveling.

In October, he was arrested by FBI agents at New York’s Citi Field ahead of his scheduled performance at the Rolling Loud festival. He and five other individuals, including Anthony Cyntje, a New Jersey correction officer, Anthony Leonardi, his brother Robert Leonardi, Brian Sullivan and Kavaughn Wiggins, were accused of conspiring to distribute and possess controlled substances. Five of the defendants also face a charge of with using firearms in connection with drug trafficking. He spent nine days in custody before being released on a $500,000 bond in early November.

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